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TEXTS: Zechariah 4:6; Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4-5,8.
INTRODUCTION: The desire and the prayer of every believer in Christ who wants to fulfill the purpose and plan of God for his or her life is that the Lord should give them His power. This is because without power, no meaningful works can be done. The disciples were instructed not to begin preaching the gospel until they had obtained power from on high – Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4-5,8. There is only one way to receive power from God and this is through the Holy Spirit baptism.
There are several reasons you need the power of God. Here are some of them:
  1. The Holy Spirit baptism (by which God empowers you) gives you power over sin, Gal.5:16.
  2. For service. Witnessing becomes possible and effective only after the baptism of the Holy Spirit – Acts 1:8.
  3. To rebuke all evil spirits. The Holy Spirit baptism endows you with the power of God to cast out demons, overcome witches, wizards and familiar spirits, Acts 19:13-16.
  4. To rebuke sin, Acts 13:8-11.
  5. The Holy Spirit bears witness to your spiritual adoption, Romans 8:16.
  6. Dramatic transformation would take place in your life after the Holy Spirit baptism, e.g. Paul now a defender of the gospel he once opposes, Acts 9:1-2; Acts 21:13.
  7. To become a flame of fire. This makes you untouchable for any one, Psalm 105:14-15. Any decree from your lips will be honoured by Heaven and you stand the chance of finishing strong.
CONCLUSION: Above all, it is God’s commandment that you must be filled with the Holy Spirit power – Ephesians 5:18. Ask God to give you His power today.

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