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Test Drives Cheats

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Test Drive 1

Hold down the button while going around turns and you will not hit the
wall or fall off of the cliff (other cars can still hit you).

Test Drive 2

Try typing the following during the game for interesting results:

aerf     – Fast acceleration and quick braking (and free life)
Keep retyping it for lots of life’s.
gass    – Jump to gas station with amazing average time and score
gasst   – Jump to gas station and use real average time and score
,bruce   – Change sign on level 2 from ‘Play Grand Prix Circuit’ to
‘Bruce Dawson Wrote This’
6outran  – unknown

Test Drive 3


Edit TD3.EXE and
-Change the string 88 3E C9 18 88 1E CA 18  in  90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90.
-Change the string FE 0E 82 09 74           in  90 90 90 90 90.


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