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Tecno T611S Flash File, flash with GPG Dragon Box

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It’s been a while now, that my friends has been requesting for Tecno T611s Flash File, that will be read from a working Tecno T611s. So i worked harder and harder to deliver this heavy task been given to me by my friends, who flash phones.

Questions to be asked by individuals, before using this Flash File are listed below:

1. How can i use this flash file to flash my Tecno T611s dead phone?
Answer: If you know how to use GPG DRAGON BOX, the is very easy for you to go, just use USB or COM mode to flash in the flash file to dead Tecno phone.

2. What is the Size of the Flash File?
Answer: The flash file is not too Big, in file size, with just 150mb you can download this file to your Computer System and Enjoy your phone.

Now that are the questions, you can download the file from or use the Link i will provide below post.


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  1. sylva says

    for tecno t611s is not good you lie the people only!!!!!!!my fone is deaded by your wrong file.

    1. Noble J. Ozogbuda says

      We don’t think you followed instruction given on this post, you can only use this flash file with GPG Dragon Flash Box, if not, it will not work… try and re-flash with the right Flashing Box…

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