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Secret Codes

*# Commands
*#06# IMEI number
*#30# followed by send – Corresp. ID incoming displayed
*#31# followed by send – Your ID. outgoing displayed
*#33# followed by send – Call barr inactive
*#35# followed by send – Call barr inactive
*#43# followed by send – Call Waiting
*#100# followed by send – Your mobile number
*#101# followed by send – DHLRU1 ?meaning?
*#102# followed by send – Transmitter information
*#103# followed by send – Current date and time
*#147# followed by send – Last caller’s number
*#1345# followed by send – Call credit and service time left

Hidden menu
Engage one of the menus with the scroller then press *
Appli menu: option 1 Version, option 1 Battery
Prom menu: option 1 IMEI number
Sim lock: option 1 Sim lock – press okay for 30 second countdown, C button to cancel (caution with this I don’t know what happens when the counter reaches 0!!, it may lock up your telephone’s SIM card.
Network: option 1 Option not available
Test LCD: option 1 Symbol 1 Tests screen, option 2 Symbol 2 Tests screen, option 3 Black Tests screen, option 4 For photo Tests screen, option 5 Tests the vibrator

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