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Remove Image Cropping From Publisher WP Theme

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Late January, 2017, When i Started Using Publisher WordPress Theme, Given to Me by a Friend to Test and see if i will Like or Love the Theme for Use in my Website, Before buying it! So I decided to listen to him and collected the theme from him and start using it form my end, and i now discovered that the theme is so Awesome to use, so easy and flexibility in all the features it has, so i decided to buy the theme by the end of February, 2017 and the purchase was fast and reliable form, a Top and Modern, Popular WordPress, Websites Templates, PHP Scripts Market.

Later In the months, i received a complain form one of my Visitors, through the Medium of Whatsapp Chats, “That My Featured Images Are Been Cropped, and that most parts of the image has been removed” so i became so worried about this issue on my site, because running a Tech Blog and Entertainment Blog at NgospelMedia which also use the same theme too, you know the images or featured images are very important for visitors to see, also a Feature Image, helps you to describe the content of the Article you want or are publishing at that post.

So why do i get Worried?

Yes the reason i got more worried, is because what ever that affect your Websites Visitors, will also Affect your Site Traffic rate, if they could not the content they are looking for in your Website, in good Satisfaction, I think they have no Option rather than to leave your site and look for that type of content that will give them what they want else where, so for every blogger, optimizing your websites is very important, for your visitors.


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 How to Remove Publisher WordPress Theme Cropping Feature On Your Websites.

Hmmm… i know this is the most interesting Part of this content, well i will say that, there is no much work to do, if you know how to edit PHP Files on your Cpanel or Your FTP Client Accounts, then i say is very easy for you, but if you can’t do it, You Can Buy a New Of this Theme Here and Ask for Help from Theme Author. but note that, only those that have a licence bought from these theme, will receive support, but in the other hand, if your licence has expired, we advice you to renew the support licence, which is not much cost or expensive to pay for, or you can still hire our Team Of Services Group, at NgmTechnoloy Contact Page Here for us to fix it for you. but if you can do it on yourself, you can continue reading this Article.

Steps To Take.
  • Visit Your Website Cpanel or FTP Account and Login. 
  • Just Type in your Site Details in the box and login. 
  • Open File Manager at your Left Hand Side of your Computer, and a pop-up page will lead you to your default Website WordPress, themes, and plugins files folder or directory. 
  • Open Your WP-CONTENT Directory. 
  • Open Themes Directory. 
  • Open The Parent Theme Of Publisher, Note: Your Parent Theme Of Publisher WordPress Theme Will be “Publisher”, so Open the Directory. 
  • Find and Locate this File, Single.php in your parent theme directory, and open it. 
  • Right Click On the File to Edit It, and it will open in a new tab in your browser. 
  • Copy The Codes You are Seeing on the Screen of your Computer or Copy the Below Codes i will Provide to a Notepad Editor in your computer. i prefer you to use Notepad++ for all your editing stuffs. 

    Use Below Codes

     * single.php
     * The template for displaying posts
     * @author BetterStudio
     * @package Publisher
     * @version 1.8.4
    // Prints content with layout that is selected in panels.
    // Location: "views/general/post/style-*.php"
    publisher_get_view( 'post', publisher_get_single_template() );
  • Now Paste this codes to Notepad++ and let’s start to edit thee code or add a new code to it. 
  • Now Remove this Line of Code from it, to avoid Publisher Duplicate code in your theme files, because it will make your site not to show well and will also make your Top Page views Counter not to show and too, it will make your Breadcrumb not to show dates in it, if you are using Date and time Permalink in your site and Breadcrumb etc.



    Errors You Will See In Your Website, If That Code Is not Removed From the Single.php Files: 

    Breadcrumb not showing properly as described in this content.
    Featured Image Not Showing, rather it is showing default featured image.
    Post Published date not showing.
    Better Post Views Counter not Showing at the Top of Every Posts.


  • Then add this line of Codes to it, to replace the removed code. 


     publisher_set_prop( 'thumbnail-size', 'full' ); 
  • After doing that, then save your work and Copy Whole codes back to your Cpanel or FTP Accounts, to create file single.php, in your child-theme directory. 
  • Open Your Child-Theme Directory. 
  • Create a New File from your Cpanel or FTP Account, and name it single.php file. 
  • After creating the file, let us go and edit it, so that we will add the edited code of parent theme single.php codes to it. 
  • Open the file, and also note that, when you open it, it will be a blank file, that is, in other words, no codes or data’s has been written inside. 
  • Now copy the edited codes from your Notepad++ editor, and paste it to the blank space of the file created. o
  • Then Click on Save Changes and you are Done. 
  • I think this is the end.
Please Take Note: To see the effect of what we just did now in your Website, you must clear your Website Cache Plugin Caches and also clear your computer browser cache, and after that, visit that page again and see that the issue is gone.
I Hope this Tutrorial Will help you and also do us a favor by sharing this Article to your Friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc… Thanks For Visiting Our Website and Also For being Our guest for today and everyday!!!.      

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