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Download Free Publisher WordPress Theme 1.8.5 – ThemeForestPublisher v1.8.5 – Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme (Last Updated on 10th of June, 2017.) It comes with a lot of professional options that smoothly enables you to easily change any section of your site without any need to change the codes!
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Also Publisher  WP Theme comes with great panels such as Translation Panel that you can easily use it to translate it in you language or Font Manager Panel that you can upload you custom fonts and use them.



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Change Log. See Complete List

Version 1.8.5 – 10 Jul 2017 – WP v4.8 Compatibility & Major SEO Fixes

- Important Note: We have an new SEO expert in our team and we did a lot of SEO fixes and improvement in this version also from next version we will do more.

- Added: Website added to structured data to show your site name in google result.
- Added: WooCommerce v3 gallery support added to Publisher.

- Added: AMP "Above The Fold" plugin compatibility added.
- Added: AMP new option to exclude URL (and URL pattern) from AMP URL converter. You can use it to exclude subdirectories.

- Improved: Breadcrumbs Structured data fixed. Google Shows breadcrumb in search result perfectly!
- Improved: Structured Data improved to be 100% valid in Google Roles.
- Improved: AMP pages SEO improved.
- Improved: AMP validator improved. It's even smarter!

- Fixed: TinyMCE Editor style for WP v4.8 fixed.
- Fixed: TinyMCE shortcodes fixed for WP v4.8 update.
- Fixed: Minor RTL style issue in tablets. Thanks @Sahafi
- Fixed: Comments navigation not showing.
- Fixed: Both post type change not works for search.
- Fixed: Override menu not works for "Shop" and other WooCommerce main pages.
- Fixed: Social share FB app info notice will be removed after filing needed data.
- Fixed: Duplicate plugin and theme update notice issue.
- Fixed: Failed to load stylesheet in editor fixed. Thanks @Karl
- Fixed: a lot of code fixes.
- Fixed: DFP ads wrong alignment fixed.
- Fixed: Ads Admin Labels changed to bypass adblockers!
- Fixed: DFP ads wrong dimension fixed.
- Fixed: AMP ads RTL style fixed.
- Fixed: AMP minor warning fixed.

Version 1.8.4 – 17 May 2017

- Added: Options to show/hide "Subtitle" in all listings + multiple position to show ;)
- Added: Publisher theme and plugins update notice added to admin pages.
- Added: Advanced option to define paragraph tags for inline related ads.
- Added: Title field added to playlist widgets.
- Added: Builtin smart functionality added to warn you warn about outdated files that are overrided in child theme.
- Added: Facebook App config added for social share counter to fix FB API limit rating.
- Added: Center align added to Inline Related Posts.

- Improved: Ads and related posts injector rewrited for better detecting content parts.
- Improved: Ads smart admin label improved.
- Improved: Admin style improved.
- Improved: Typography settings usability improved.
- Improved: Compatibility with "Fast Carousel" plugin added.
- Improved: Gallery slider file cam be overrided in child theme.
- Improved: WooCommerce v3 compatibility improved.
- Improved: Admin smart notice to warn compatibility steps of "WP Fastest Cache" plugin.

- Fixed: AdBlockers are detecting BetterAds.
- Fixed: Ads are not showing in ajax related posts.
- Fixed: Facebook and Google+ widgets width issue fixed.
- Fixed: 404 page not showing properly. Thanks @ayurtimes
- Fixed: Header padding option not works.
- Fixed: Wrong name for listing in page listings fixed.
- Fixed: "Custom Permalinks" support added to BetterAMP.
- Fixed: "link" tags will be removed from BetterAMP pages body section.
- Fixed: Structured data validation issue with custom image logo (BetterAMP).
- Fixed: "Convert Plug" plugin validation issue fixed.
- Fixed: Modern Grid 7 date format not woks.

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