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Learn How to Turn Your Computer Screen Upside Down

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There may be some reason your computer screen needs to be turned upside down. Perhaps you are mounting your monitor on the ceiling for example. Or maybe you just want to confuse a co-worker with an upside down computer prank. To turn your computer screen upside-down on a Windows or Mac, use one of the following methods.


Windows Vista and 7


  •  Press Ctrl+Alt+Down at the same time. If monitor rotation is enabled on your PC, pressing Ctrl, Alt, and any of the arrow keys should automatically flip your screen. 
  • Push the key that points in the direction that you want the top of the screen to point. This means that pushing Ctrl+Alt+Up will return the screen to normal.


If this does not work, make sure screen rotation is enabled
  • Right-click your computer’s desktop and select Graphics Properties.

  •  Click on the Display Settings menu.

  • Look for the Rotation section and make sure Enable Rotation is checked (if applicable). Note that this might not be listed as one of your graphics options.
  • Select 180 degrees and press Apply to test your changes. Note that this might also appear as Flipped Landscape or the equivalent.

  • Confirm or cancel the settings (or wait for them to time-out). Press OK to accept, Cancel to reject, or, if you’re having trouble navigating the new screen, allow it to revert to its upright position within 15 seconds.

  • Note that, with rotation enabled, you should now be able to use the Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow shortcut to flip the screen vertically.

Windows 7

  1. Right-click a blank space on your desktop and select Screen resolution.

  2. Under Orientation, select Landscape (Flipped).

  3. To undo this, repeat steps but select Landscape instead.


  1. Launch System Preferences.

  2. Hold down Command+Option and click on the Display icon.

    • Note that the Option key is sometimes marked as Alt on Macs outside the US.
  3. Look for the Rotation drop-down menu and apply the desired settings.

  4. Confirm or cancel the settings (or wait for them to time-out). Press Confirm to accept, Reject to cancel, or, if you’re having trouble navigating the new screen, allow it to revert to its upright position within 15 seconds.

Upside-Down Desktop Prank

  1. Make a screenshot. Press Print Screen on Windows. On a Mac press Shift+Command+3.

  2. Go to Paint in Windows. Go to Preview on a Mac.

  3. Press Ctrl+V (Command+V on Mac) to paste.

  4. Rotate the image upside-down. In Paint, for example, you would go to Image > Flip/Rotate, Flip Vertical.

  5. Save the image and set it as a desktop background. In Windows, for example, you would go to your desktop, right-click a blank space, choose Personalize, select Wallpaper, select the directory of the upside-down screenshot, and press OK.

  6. 6

    Hide or move the desktop icons. You might, for example, cut and paste the icons into a safe folder somewhere that you can easily retrieve them later. In Windows, you can also right-click a blank space on your desktop, go to either View or Arrange Icons, and un-select “Show Desktop Icons”.

  7. Hide the task bar. In Windows, right-click your task bar, choose Properties, choose the Task bar tab, and check Auto-Hide the Task bar.


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