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HP ProtectTools – Keep data, networks and communications protected from threats.


What is HP ProtectTools?

HP ProtectTools is a suite of security tools that lets you manage security for your entire fleet of business laptops and desktops from one central point. Thanks to its modular design, you can choose just the protection your business needs to help keep data, networks and communications protected from threats.

Whether a user forgets a password or a laptop is stolen, HP Protect Tools can easily solve issues, protect critical data and minimize lost productivity. Never before has security been this easy to implement, support and manage.
HP ProtectTools is a standard feature on all business notebooks and select business desktops.
Learn more about the HP ProtectTools solution:

Central Management for HP ProtectTools – see it all and control it all from one place
Central Management for HP ProtectTools gives administrators powerful remote-management capabilities from a single console. Implementing and controlling the security of your business has never been easier or more flexible. 
  • Customize and deploy role-based security policies for your entire fleet
  • Restore access to users that forget or lose credentials
  • Enable single sign-on from BIOS all the way to the web
  • Easily revoke network access for former employees
  • Require strong authentication for system and application login
HP offers two versions of Central Management to suit the size of your business.

DigitalPersona Pro Workgroup

The workgroup option is ideal for smaller businesses and groups within larger organizations. It is easy to activate directly from within HP ProtectTools. The web based interface allows the management console to be accessed from any web-enabled device.

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise

Active Directory integration makes this option perfect for large-scale businesses with managed IT environments. Central Management for HP ProtectTools” can be deployed on both HP and non-HP notebooks and desktops

» Get started with Central Management for HP ProtectTools
HP Security Setup Wizard

Quickly and easily set up HP ProtectTools with this intuitive, step-by-step wizard.

Thanks to the modular design of HP ProtectTools, you can deploy just the features you need. No intensive software training required. Simply point and click.

  • Configure HP ProtectTools modules in seconds
  • Choose only the features you need
  • Save time and IT costs

Enhanced Pre-Boot Security

HP ProtectTools offers enhanced, multi-user pre-boot security. You have the option to create a Windows user and a pre-boot user, along with multi-factor authentication that uses any combination of password, smartcard and biometrics.

You can also opt for a one-step login where authentication at the pre-boot level logs users all the way into Windows.
  • Protect access with strong pre-boot security
  • Choose multi-user and multi-factor authentication using passwords, smartcards and biometrics
  • Single sign-on for more efficient and secure notebook access 

HP SpareKey

Users lose and forget passwords all the time. HP SpareKey adds credential recovery capability into the BIOS, so users can regain access to their laptops without involving IT administrators.

 No matter where users are, they can answer a series of questions (established during the automatic HP SpareKey enrollment process) to access their laptops. HP SpareKey boosts productivity and helps ensure your users get their job done.

  • Easily restore user access when credentials are lost or forgotten
  • No IT involvement needed
  • HP SpareKey automatically prompts new users to enroll 

HP ProtectTools Security Manager

Easily manage HP ProtectTools modules with this easy-to-use dashboard.

 HP ProtectTools Security Manager offers two separate views so users and administrators can control their security. This intuitive software makes it simple to configure settings for all HP ProtectTools modules.

  • Manage HP ProtectTools modules from one place
  • Features administrator and user views
  • Designed to be simple for anyone to use 

Credential Manager for HP ProtectTools

Protect access to the laptops and desktops in your fleet with broad, multi-factor authentication and single sign-on options.

Drive Encryption

HP ProtectTools uses the best way possible to protect the information on your hard drive—full volume encryption using proven McAfee technology2.

A standard feature of HP ProtectTools, Drive Encryption encodes all the information on a hard disk drive (HDD), helping to keep your business-critical information protected and unreadable to unauthorized users.

Privacy Manager

Add enhanced security to your emails and chats with Privacy Manager for HP ProtectTools.

 The certificate-based Privacy Manager helps ensure emails and instant messages are read by the intended audience and no one else. Privacy Manager easily integrates into Microsoft Office, allowing users to encrypt and digitally sign emails and documents.

  • Send emails and instant messages securely
  • Create a trusted contacts list that can access encrypted emails
  • Use multi-factor authentication for access to email and documents 
HP Disk Sanitizer

Completely remove unwanted data from hard drives with HP Disk Sanitizer.

 Deleting files and reformatting HDDs doesn’t completely destroy data. HP Disk Sanitizer keeps your business data safer by permanently deleting data. Easily track the removal of your data and receive a completion report when Disk Sanitizer is finished. HP Disk Sanitizer is preinstalled on HP Business Notebook PCs, and is available for HP desktop PCs as a free download.

  • Easy, OS-independent mechanism erases data
  • Ideal for recycled or leased equipment
  • For HP Notebook PCs, HP Disk Sanitizer is pre-installed
  • For HP desktop PCs, HP Disk Sanitizer can be downloaded free on hp.com 
File Sanitizer

Permanently delete files, folders and identity information from laptops and desktops to help protect users’ personal information.

 File Sanitizer makes it easy to remove files that could be used to identify, contact or locate users. Choose manual or scheduled sanitizing, multiple levels of security and ensure free space is completely clear.

  • Permanently remove files to protect user identity
  • Choose predefined or customized security settings
  • Keep free space completely clear 

Computrace® Pro for HP ProtectTools

Add the protection of Computrace® to your business laptops with Computrace Pro, exclusively for HP Business Notebooks.

With Computrace Pro, your data and hardware is never completely out of reach when a notebook is lost or stolen. Computrace Pro gives you tracking service with remote data deletion3.
Computrace Pro is built into HP ProtectTools and is easily activated. One to 5-year subscriptions are available at special pricing just for HP business users. Volume licensing is available for large fleets as well.
You can track notebooks through HP ProtectTools or AbsoluteSoftware’s web-based browser, so you’re in control of your hardware and data wherever an Internet connection is available.
  • Track lost or stolen hardware and delete data remotely
  • Easily activate Computrace right in HP ProtectTools
  • Manage from HP ProtectTob-based browser
  • Special pricing for HP business notebooks
  • Add more features and enhance security with Computrace Premium for HP ProtectTools

Computrace Pro fully supports Intel AT.

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