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How to Tell If a Phone Has Water Damage


The number one rule in cell phone service is simple: If a phone has water damage, the warranty is up.  It does not matter if the issue with the phone is not related to the water damage.  Cell phone manufacturers and services will immediately say they cannot determine if water damage caused the problem or not, therefore the warranty is void.  Water damage is no laughing matter and some cell phone users do not even realize when they put their phone in water’s way.

Here is an easy way to check if your phone is water damaged or not. Most cell phones on the market have a little marker located under the back casing where the battery of their phone sits. Simply remove the casing and the battery, and you should see a small white dot or square. Sometimes it is relatively tiny and in other cases, it might be larger than you expect. If the dot is completely white, your phone is not water damaged. If any sort of discoloration, usually the color red appears, then your phone is considered water damaged and no longer is covered under the scope of warranty that came with it.
If you have accidental damage protection or pay for a higher quality warranty service through your cell phone provider, chances are water damage is covered. You may want to check with your provider to see what is covered and what is not. Generally, if you do not sign up for this protection from the date of purchase, you cannot add it down the line. Providers do this to prevent customers from circumventing the warranty system by damaging their phone, buying the service, getting a new phone and cancelling it.

Protecting your cell phone from water damage should be a top priority for an user.  Since many things can cause water damage, your phone is vulnerable to all sorts of infiltration.  Sweat, tears and even steam from cooking or having hot water running can cause water damage.  Many cell phone users leave their phone in the bathroom while showering, and the steam and condensation can also seep into the phone to cause damage.  Take care of your phone and keep it safe from water damage to avoid losing out on the warranty that came with it.

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