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How to Enable or Setup “HTTPS” on blogspot domain


How to Enable or Setup “HTTPS” on BLOGSPOT domain Blogs

Since 2008 , Google have worked to encrypt the connections between their users  (which is us, Bloggers using Google Blog plat form) and Google servers. Over the years Google have announced that Search, Gmail, Drive, and many other products have encrypted connections by default, and most recently, Google had made a similar announcement for their ads products .
In this same vein, on the 30th September, 2015, Google we’re expanding on the HTTPS Everywhere  mission and beginning an initial rollout of HTTPS support for Blogspot.


Here we say that, HTTPS is a cornerstone of internet security as it provides several important benefits: it makes it harder for bad actors to steal information or track the activities of blog authors and visitors,

The Advantages of Using HTTPS over HTTP in Your blogspot Blog

  1. HTTPS will make sure that all your visitors have opened the correct website and are not been redirected to some malicious site
  2. HTTPS will also help in detecting any unusual activity on your blog, if an attacker tries to modify any data that is sent from Blogger to the Visitor.
  3. HTTPS adds an additional security measures that will toughen to listen to your visitors’ conversations or track their activities or steal any of their information from the blog.

How to enable https in your Blogspot Blog

  1. Now the first thing to do here is to login to our Blogger homepage @ https://www.blogger.com
  2. Look down at some series of Blogs owned by You; Click and select your Blog, then click on Settings» Basic
  3. Now take a look and see https Option below your screen or settings page in Basic, Under https settings go for https availability and select Yes.


Your blog visitors can now onwards access the encripted version of your blog (https) by visiting (https://yourblogname.blogspot.com)
And note that this https option is not available for those blogger domain name blogs.


Once enabled, your blog will become accessible over both HTTP and HTTPS connections. Blogspot authors should be aware that if they choose to encrypt at this time, some of the current functionality of their blog may not work over HTTPS. This can be a result of template, gadgets, and blog post content, and is often caused by mixed content  errors, some of which may be fixable by the author themselves . 

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