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How to Create a Downloadable Audio File in WordPress with Delightful Downloads

WordPress Downloadable Audio File Tutor For you All!!!

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I know Many reading this article may think that, there is much to know about WordPress before creating a downloadable audio in WordPress, but i tell you now

Hey! Most of my Client has been on my Neck all the while, asking me how can they make or create a Downloadable Audio Files in their WordPress site, while Publishing new Musics or Lyrics in there WordPress Platform Website, which many used in Promoting New Music Productions for the World to See and Download. Yes mostly new Beginners to WordPress will always find this a Hard task to undertake, because i remembered last Year September, 2016.

When I joined WordPress Blog Platform, i was finding things on it so difficult to do, but i have to take the challenge to read so many articles on the Web on WordPress Platform Topics, which made me what i am Today in knowing more of WordPress Tips, Optimizations, Custom Configuration (e.g. which i can configure and no one can know that you are using WordPress, SEO Optimizations, all this are just the little i can mention, but there are many more to mention, which i will not include here, due to, is not the topic of this article.

We are going to discuss the following sub-topics under this Topic which i Tagged: #WordPress Downloadable Audio File Setup.

  1. Knowledge Background Needed in WordPress.
  2. Downloading Delightful Downloads Plugin
  3. Setting Up Delightful Downloads Plugin
  4. Creating a Downloadable Audio File in your Post Editor
  5. Final Editor Note.

Knowledge Background Needed in WordPress.

I know Many reading this article may think that, there is much to know about WordPress before creating a downloadable audio file in WordPress, but i tell you now that, there is no big deal here, what you need to know is the understanding of your WordPress Site and know how to play around with your site without destroying the settings of your site, done by your WordPress site Developer.

Also you must know how to create a SEO Optimized Article in your WordPress Site, which this Article Might Help You for that: WordPress Complete Guide On Articles Publishing Or Posting For Beginners If you know how to post an article in a good way, for good SEO and other factors, then your site will grow faster.

Downloading Delightful Downloads Plugin

This is not a big task to be taken by any new WordPress Beginner, all you have to do is to Login to your WordPress Dashboard. and follow the steps below:

  • Scroll down to Plugins and click on =>Add New
  • On the Plugin Directory, on your right hand side, click on the search bar and type Delightful Downloads 
  • Click on Install Now and the plugin will be added to your list on plugins installed on your site.

Setting Up Delightful Downloads Plugin

Steps to follow:

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  1.  Take a look into your WordPress Dashboard and you will see a new menu added to your right hand menu in your WordPress site. 
  2. Click on the Downloads, then scroll down to Settings and click on it, for the settings window to be open, then we will start setting it up.
  3. In General Settings, leave everything as it is, which means you will you the default settings here. 
  4. In Shortcodes, there is the following list of tabs to set according to our taste. Which we can see on the Screenshot Below.
  5. In Statistics, leave everything default. see image here: 
  6. In Advanced, Follow the Screenshot below to set it up: 
  7. Then save all your settings and we are done for this sub-topic.

Creating a Downloadable Audio File in your Post Editor

This Sub-topic is the most important for us, because we have cleared most interesting topics that gives birth to it, and is time to know how to use the plugin we just setup.

These are the following steps to be taken:

  • Create a post of music or lyrics to be published.
  • Click on Add Media to Upload the Audio to your WordPress site. 
  • Upload the Media file which is your Audio music file, is very simple, like the way you normally upload your posts Featured Images 
  • After selecting the music audio file to be uploaded, at your right hand side, copy the uploaded music file full URL and make sure you set the file as “Embed Media Player” for your visitors to be able to play it on your site before downloading it to their phone or computer. 
  • Now lets create the Downloadable Audio file with the link of the Audio Music File, we had just uploaded to our site. Click on Add Download 
  • After Clicking on Add Download, A window will Pop-up, to Insert Download, then click on “Please Add a new Download” 
  • After this step, a new window, that looks like a post editor window, will be opened for you to add the downloadable audio file to your site. Here what we are going to do, is to use the existing file to add our downloadable audio file, that is, to make your already uploaded music, Downloadable at one click by your visitors. and also consider putting a title of the file at the top in Add New Download.
  • Now in the Existing File Window, Paste the link of the Uploaded Music File, which you Embed on the post, that is, you have to copy the link first before pasting… 
  • After this step, follow the below screenshot to set the audio file security settings. 
  • Then click on Publish on your Right hand side. 
  • Yes the Downloadable audio file has been published now on your site, what you will do here, is to copy the Shortcodes given to you here. and paste it below the embed audio player of the music. 
  • Then Now you can now fulling publish your article.

Final Editor Note.

After you have finished reading this post and gained the knowledge, you can help the Author of this post to share it on your social media profiles, with our social media buttons below and top of our site. and before i forget, when your post has been fully published, the downloadable audio file will look like this in your page: 

If you followed our setup from the beginning of this post. Enjoy….


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