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How To Connect Mstar Cpu Mobile Phone With Volcano Box

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How To Connect Mstar Cpu Mobile Phone With Volcano Box

If your phone show 0.05 then you phone should be 6600L or 6800h etc. and if your phone show 0.03 then your phone should be SPD6610/20 so please check boots. If you got any other problem just check our support area. When you connect any SPD phone 1st time then it will ask for drivers. Please Install Latest SPD drivers from (for 32bit system) C:Program Files Volcano TeamVolcanoBox
DriversPhone DriversSPD New Drivers (for 64bit system) C:Program FilesVolcano TeamVolcanoBoxDriversPhone DriversSPD New Drivers
Connect Jig to cable correct way as I show you above. Connect Power from main cable to Phone. Select Mstar tab from Volcano box software. Click on Read Flash/ Write Flash/Format etc. Press and hold Power Button from Phone keyboard. Click on Run. It will done.
When you connect Mstar phone 1st time it will install Drivers. If still failed to install drivers then give path from C: Program FilesVolcano Team VolcanoBoxDriversPhone DriversMstar 2


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