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How to backup ur sms, hide sms without password, create fake sms and check ur task manager, and also check ur phone info all for Nokia S60v2, s60v3 and s60v5


All right let us go tru and see it, if dis turi nah tru sah e fit wuk 4 our nukia fone s60 v2, v3, and v5 let go in the next post just deh ready oh…`

How to backup ur sms, hide sms without password, create fake sms and check ur task manager, and also check ur phone info all for Nokia S60v2, s60v3 and s60v5 only.¥¤¥@%&_<* mek u no 4get seh nah here wil deh go……

Alrite, how to hide u sms, how to backup ur sms, how to create fake sms, and how to check ur task manager to see the storbon app. That refuse to close, then u use the task manager to close it, and how to check ur phone informations, e.g: ur phone ROM, RAM, PHONE TYPE, SOFTWARE VERSION, IMEI NUMBER DISPLAY without using this code codes to check it * #06#=> for IMEI NUMBERS DISPLAY. *#92702689#=> for date of production, imei display, life timer display, life timer shows u how many hours and minutes ur phone has been used, and if the life timer is getting ful dat means ur phone will not make calls againg e.g: 9999hours if there is no zero in front e.g: 0095 it means that the phone has limit is complete and no more calls in dat phone. But there is always a way out in such phones. The code above helps u to check if ur phone has been repaired or not, and also u can edit and write down the date u bought the phone there too, the next code is: *#0000#=,> this code shows u ur phone software versiön, date of production, phone model type, phone RM Type, incase u want to flash ur phone, that is the firmware u will use to do so… ETC… and lot more, all this i have said are just some light im given to u all to be ready 4 the totur. And all i have said also is been done by an application i will upload it in the office tomorrow and write down how to use it according to the topic of this thread……

1. download the application to your phone and install it in your phone memory not on memory card.
2. now after installation, go to your phone folder called “My own”SEe the image here

3. launch it.

Now see how it displays in your phone…. 

4. how to backup your sms with it, click on options and scroll down to tools,  

then you click it, when you click it, you see the following: Task manager, Messaging

explorer, start battery monitor, start memory monitor, create fake SMS, SMS backup, turn light On, that is all you will see in


5. now scroll down to SMS backup, because is were will are working on now.

and click it. when it has open, this is how is going to look like…

now to backup, click on options and click on backup

now or yoy can also click on backup options to set anything you want set on your own. located at your left hand side of your

phone. to start the backup

click on backup

now!, now this is the image when the file is backing up your test messages.

  now it is done, it will now show like dis: 

  6. it’s done now, to restore your test messages back to phone your, what you will do here is to click options on the file named

“backup 15:35, 06/10/2011”

 and click on


 then all you sms will be restored back to phone

every thing, both inbox, sent, outbox, draft, folder, if you add any folder in it.

7. this is all for backing up and restoring of sms in your phone….

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