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Grand Theft Auto 1

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Grand Theft Auto 1

Write cheats instead your name:
itsgallus      All Levels
iamthelaw      No Police
itcouldbeyou   999999999 points
suckmyrocket   Gives you all
itstantrum     Unlimited Lives

Type as name first “GOURANGA” then you can type the
following cheats as name:
EATSOUP           = Free Shopping
GODOFGTA          = All Weapons
BUCKFAST          = All Cities and Bonuslevels
RSJABBER          = God Mode

Type in “PORKCHARSUI” then do thing like this:

Press buttons
D              = ScreenShot with *.tga format
L              = Zoom in
K              = Zoom out
Keypad 2       = Camera down
Keypad 4       = Camera left
Keypad 6       = Camera right
Keypad 8       = Camera up
Home           = Center Camera
Keypad +       = Pause and framerate
Keypad *       = All weapons; Full Ammo
C              = Speed, Damage and Co-ordinates
R              = Change Screen
F12            = Restart Level