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TEXTS: Romans 4:17-22
INTRODUCTION: Any promise made by God to His children indicates two things: (a) it reveals God’s perfect will, direction and desire for them (b) it shows that they should put on the whole armour of God and begin to fight to have the promise. Many have been robbed of every valuable promise and blessing in the past because they thought if God had promised them anything, it will automatically be fulfilled whether they do something about it or not. This is a deception of the enemy.
Whatever promises the Lord has made to you, whether through the word of knowledge or prophecies from His anointed on certain conditions such as:
         Prayer: Matt.7:7-11; John 14:13-14.
         Availability and exercise of faith to receive, Romans 4:20; Hebrews 11:6. Avoid unbelief, doubt and fear and be conscious of God’s presence, Exodus 3:11-12. These are Satan’s weapons to rob you of the fulfillment of God’s promises in your life.
         Ability to patiently wait for their fulfillment, Hebrews 10:36. Focus on God and not be prevailing circumstances. Avoid anxiety, worry, murmuring, impatience and negative confessions, Numbers 14:26-31; 1 Kings 18:41-45.
         Remain in right standing with God until the promises materialize and even beyond – Hebrews 4:1.
CONCLUSION: The scriptures contain several promises God wants to bring to fulfillment in your life. The fulfillment of these promise, however, depends wholly on you. Do you believe them? Do you pray and release your faith for their fulfillment in your life? Do you keep away sin from your heart and hands? Are you busy doing the will of your Father?.
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