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Tutorial: How to Fix Missing WordPress Post Titles

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Just of recent, Earlier 27th of September, 2017, at 4:54AM, i was publishing Daily Devotionals on Our Christian Entertainment Website, Which also i Publish as many kind of Articles, Like that of Marriage, Gospel Music, Gospel Music Lyrics, Gospel Music Videos, Downloads, Events, Concerts, Interviews, Artistes Biography, News And International News Etc.

After i successfully Published a Post, and i decided to view it and see how it looks in the post single page, and as the page loads successful, i tried to scroll down and my Mouse Hover to a wrong place, which took me to the Mega Menu at the Header of the Website, and i discovered that Some Mega Menus are not showing Post Title on them.

Looking at the above screen-shot image, you will noticed that, the area i highlighted red right angle box, is not showing the post title.

Also take a look in this image and you will notice three things at a time, here, the image at the left side, is not showing post title and while the image at the right side is showing post title, and also look through at the post title, and you will notice that, the post title has some error on them, by displaying a box like question mark [?], that is another problem too. but read on, we will resolve it now.

In a nutshell, i became to contused in my heart at that moment and also I became confused too, because i do not know what to do, and i tried deleting my Mysql Database And Restore my Old Database to the website, but the issue was not resolved. So i Contacted My Host at Namecheap, and they told me that:

“I’m sorry, this issue is not in our hands or skills to help, that i should contact my Website Developer, to rsolve the issue for me, that they can only help me with Server End Problems”

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So with they above statement of my hosting provider, i thought all hope is lost, i decided to also contact my Indian Friend, Who is Also a Developer, to Assist me, Though he never have a time to solve the issue, because at the time i contacted him, he is so busy working on a client project of his. But to say, i did not lose any of my hope of fixing the problem, but to be sincerely, this is an urgent issue that needs to be treated immediately, to avoid bad SEO Ranking of Our Website.

At the end of every ideas i brought out to resolve the issue, no one could favor me,i became so tired and heavy headache, because of my deep thinking about the problem. why are my thinking? the reason i am thinking, is that i don’t want anyone to fix it, i want to fix it myself, that i may share the knowledge as i’m doing now!

So with these little short intro i have given, concerning this particular topic, i think we are set to go in to the main purpose of the above topic.

The Requirement you will need to resolve this issue are listed below:

  1. A Computer or PC either Laptop or Desktop System.
  2. Internet
  3. FTP/cPanel Login Credentials.
  4. A Fresh WordPress Installation Script, e. g: file.
  5. A little knowledge in operating on using ftp and cpanel tp delete, copy, move files from one directory to another directory.

Steps in fixing missing WordPress posts Titles.

  1. Visit, to download a fresh WordPress setup and save it to your computer for the next step.
  2.  Login to your ftp/cPanel dashboard.
  3. Open < /home/yourloginusername/public_html/ directory.
  4. Backup your plugins in this directory, public_html/wp-content/, by moving the whole directory to another safe direct. 
  5. Backup your themes in the same directory: public_html/wp-content/,
  6. Backup your uploads, from here also: public_html/wp-content/, which is where all your media files are been stored.
  7. Backup the following WordPress files, because you will still need them again. There are as follows:
    (.htaccess, favicon.ico, Robort.txt, wp-config.php), and any other custom made files by your developer.
  8.  After backing up those files, follow the next step below.
  9.  Delete every files in < /home/yourloginusername/public_html/ and also go to your trash directory and clear it too. See below image, to know how the directory will look like, after you have finished deleting the files in this directory: < /home/yourloginusername/public_html/ 
  10. Upload the downloaded fresh WordPress installation file to < /home/yourloginusername/public_html/ and follow the next step. 
  11. Extract the uploaded file to the appropriate directory. < /home/yourloginusername/public_html/
  12. Restore all the files you saved the backup, and move them to their own directory.
  13. Check that all files are in the right directory and logout from your ftp/cPanel.
  14. Visit your WordPress admin login page, to login and reactivate all your plugins, and theme.
  15. Check if there is any settings you need to undertake to make your site look clean.
  16. Clear your website cache and your browser cache and histories.
  17. Load your site homepage or visit your posts dashboard and view all your missing posts titles.


    Note: Please if you not inclined or have skills to work ob your ftp/cPanel, we advised you to contact your website developer to do it for you, at or maybe a little fee. Also you can use our contact page here, to contact our Developers Teams, to assist you, with a little amount you will be charged for it.

    We are all happy to share this little piece of knowledge to you today! we know you might have been filled with Joy and also that you might support the growth of our beloved website https://www.ngmtechnology by sharing this article to your friends through our social media buttons or use below short provided for you.

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