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How to Auto Post WordPress Articles Direct to Your Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and More Social Media Profiles

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The Blog2Social WordPress Plugin makes it easy to automatically cross-post and cross-promote your Blog posts across all of your social media networks. Blog2Social turns your blog posts into the optimal format and schedule them at the best times to post on each social channel. Blog2Social saves your time and pain for manually sharing your blog content.

Download and Installation

Blog2Social is easy to use. It just takes 2 steps and 5 minutes to share your first post. Blog2Social is free for cross-posting and customizing. You can upgrade to Premium anytime to access even more awesome features.

  1. You can either download the Zip-File or install the plugin right from the WordPress Admin Panel.
  2. Once you have downloaded the ZIP-archive, just upload it to your blog (Plugins > ”Add New“ and click ”Upload Plugin“ in the upper left, then click ”Install“). If you download Blog2Social from your WordPress administration panel click on (”Plugins“ > ”Add New“ and Enter ”Blog2social“ in the search field in the upper right corner , then click ”Install“).
  3. Activate Blog2Social. It appears in the left hand side navigation menu.


Blog2Social Step One


Share Your First Article

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Blog2Social is now ready to do the work for you. In the Blog2Social sub-menu in your WordPress administration panel just click ”Dashboard“ and select the post you want to share. Click the green button ”publish“ on the right to your blog posts’ title to access the preview panel.

If you have not yet connected any networks, you can do this right here. Just click ”ADD MORE“ on the network panel on the right hand side. Select the network you want to connect in the pop-up window and click on ”+Profile“ next to the network. Follow the instructions.

After successfully connecting a network it’ll appear in the account panel on the right hand side and will be available for all future posts. Once you have connected all of your accounts they can be selected or removed for all current sharing activities with just a click of your mouse.

Blog2Social Step Two

Blog2Social turns your post automatically into the optimal format for each network. However, you might wish to customize your post with individual comments or hash-tags to give them a personal touch, encourage for engagement or ask for shares.

An editor field will show up for all selected network accounts on your preview page. For your convenience, the editor field is pre-filled with an excerpt of your post according to the available number of characters on each network,, but you can edit the text or add individual comments, hash-tags or handles according to your preferences.

Blog2Social Step Three




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