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1 On 1 Soccer

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1 On 1 Soccer

Select the “Cheats” option at the main menu, then enter one
of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the cheat
The Beatles team         – thEbeAtleS
The Rolling Stones team  – thERStoNes
Wall                     – floSATball
Fly                      – flyiSgmoDE
Bowling ball             – bOwliSbaLl
Tennis ball              – teNniSbaLl
Beach ball               – beSaChbAll
Low gravity              – loWgraSiTy
Be the same player       – AllSowsAme

First enter all cheats except beachball and play one game with
one team beatles and the other being the stones. then go to the
cheat menu and clear all the the cheats, then play again and
it will have the stones and the beatles flag on the page but
there names will be undefined, play as them and then you
can’t move but you will change characters every second.

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